Holistic Pain Management for Head Conditions


Problems and conditions above the neck that I have treated include:

  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Chronic Allergies & Sinuses

The human skull is a closed compartment whose blood supply is actively pumped in.  The drainage, however, is passive and dependent on gravity (like the drain in your kitchen sink).  Old past traumas, concussions will jam, cram and kink up the drainage pathways.  Over time, the venous blood supply backs up and pools.  Patients generally feel foggy, cannot wake up because they never get restful REM sleep.  When they do manage to sleep it is often light and interrupted and easy to rouse.

Head Traumas in Children

For children, most of the compressive forces mold the soft skull in different areas during a prolonged labor.  They also can have problems prior to birth if the maternal pelvis has had prior injury from past falls or car accidents.  Chronic low grade spasm and tension does not allow maximal expansion to accomodate the growing baby easily.  The most difficult infant cases I treat usually has histories of hypermesis, preterm labor, braxton-hicks, and preemie cases.  The compressed infant can have immediate issues of latching, nursing.  Later they have  manifestations of colic, plagiocephaly, and  torticollis.

Head Traumas in Adults

For adults, not only do I take this early history into account, but also important are the subsequent traumas that happen through childhood.  Falls off the bed, early sports injury, childhood surgery, children dental procedures can alter the head and neck in such an insidious manner that they are not aware of the abnormal state.

Multiple dental procedures can alter the structures of the jaw, head and neck.

Head Traumas Holistic Treatment

Different types of traumas at different ages will cause  myriad presentations.  Total number of visits will vary depending on the age of the traumas, age at treatment, general health state, and the multiplicity of the traumas.

If you step back and ask about what happens to the face (and therefore, the whole body) when it is traumatized, these separate cases show that the shock of the trauma freezes up and seizes up the system.  The face becomes tight and the features become small and narrow.  In the adult, trauma causes these changes to immediately disrupt the structure from its normal and results in pain.  In children, they develop and mold into these restrictions, so they grow up not knowing that it is not normal, sometimes they feel the tensions, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they manifest in different ways.

Treated Patients:

Rita - Migraines Holistic Treatment

Rita came to me for ocular migraines. Her right jaw is pulled up so tight, the whole face looks caved in. There was very little room for her eyeball. Pressure increases and she has a headache around the eyes. She has had multiple dental procedures.

One week later, her face and jawline expands closer to where it was prior to all the dental work.

Ava - Head Trauma Holistic Treatment

At nine months, a cold iron fell on the right top of Ava’s head.

She had such spectacular change after 40 minutes that reflect children’s capacity for recovery.  She needed 12 cranial osteopathic treatments. She is also doing vision therapy. 

Rachel - Head Pressure Holistic Treatment

Head pressures can cause tension around the tissues of the eye.  Focus is poor and beyond their control.  They can become locked within themselves and autistic.

Rachel has multiple other issues.  Each treatment results in lessening of the tensions around the eyes. Note the change in her ability to focus. 

Charlotte - Holistic Treatment

Charlotte had 3 hour screaming fits.  The family was sent away from the ER twice with a diagnosis of colic and told that she would outgrow it, that there is nothing that can be done.

Forty minutes later, she is calmer. Her head is much rounder and less coneheaded. She needed a total of four treatments. 

Kaitlyn? - Fuzzy? Molded Head Holistic Treatment

Kaitlyn was molded through the birth process. She is not fussy.

She only needed this one visit. 

Ricky - Head Trauma Holistic Treatment

As soon as Ricky got up from his treatment his mom noted, “Wow, even his face has changed.”  I did not anticipate such dramatic change that I did not take a before picture. Fortunately, his mom took this picture of him 1 week prior. Note his triangular, elfish chin.  As an infant, he fell off the bed several times.  She brought him in for chronic constipation, which resolved after 4 treatments.  On this visit, 8-9 months later, he had some leg pain, requiring just this one treatment.

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