Holistic Pain Management for the Back


Holistic Back Treatment

Just too broad a category to fully address in one area.  Generally, “tightness” is an issue of tension.  Pain is generally is an involuntary contraction, i.e., spasm.

Holistically Addressing Back Spasms & Pain

An acute spasm is best treated with rest, anti-inflammatory.  Tightness and tension is usually a reflection of old mild strains and mild injury.  You stretch and stretch and the next day it is back again.

Cause & Effect of Holistic Remedies vs. Surgical

When there is structural compromise, such as bulging disc, herniated disc, spondylolisthesis, spondylolysis, your orthopedic doctor may recommend surgery if physical therapy fails.  Get 3-5 second opinions before you even consider it.  I find that the traumatic injury that led to spasms above and below the level of the structural compromise is still in place after PT and after surgery.  Even if you wake up with your numbness and tingling resolved, the traumatic force of your injuries are still in play.  I have seen , even if surgery was “successful,” between 1-7 years later the symptoms return.

Treated Patients:

Susan – Moderate Kyphosis, Back Pain Holistic Treatment

Susan has a moderate kyphosis. 

We can always find room to improve. From the change, we see that the tissues around the knee are swollen.

Leonard – 50 Years with Back Pain, Back Pain Holistic Treatment

This is Leonard.  He has suffered for 50 years with back pain.  He distinctly remembers the motion he did to wrench it out (he was sitting and reached towards his right).  Note how he is pulled forward and cannot straighten his left leg.

It only looks shorter because of the angulation.  Correct the spasms and the tensions balance themselves. She needed 2 visits. 

Lindsay – Posture Correction Connected to the Butt, Back Pain Holistic Treatment

Lindsay has always been self conscious about her booty. 

Forty minutes later, she is standing much straighter and her buttocks do not stick out as much.  She needed 4 treatments to hold the correction.

Malissad – Numbness and Tingling in Hands Tension Resides in the Back, Back Pain Holistic Treatment

Malissad had neck surgery for numbness and tingling in her hands 7 years ago.  Last year those symptoms came back.  On this visit feels that there is “something wrong with her neck.” The tension and constraint is really in her back.

Forty minutes later neck symptom is relieved because the back tension is corrected as evidenced by her straighter posture.

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