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This is Deanna’s 16th visit.  She came in periodically for a number of medical problems outside of her chronic pain as time, work and money allowed.  I never had consistent followup for treatment and results to percolate in my mind how all her medical problems gelled together.  On this visit, I was concerned that I was not putting things together. I felt that I was failing her because this chronic pain was dragging out too long. Finally, I theorized that maybe, just maybe, with all the years of pain she went to too many people who did too many things that I had to undo.  I decided to change my approach.   Because I wasn’t sure, I asked permission to try “something different.”  I warned her if she was at all discomfitted, she should let me know and I would stop.  When I was done, she had this perplexed look in her eyes that told me something good was happening.  This turned out to be a high precision reduction of years of traumatic injury resulting in an instantaneous  “release” that had zero side effect.  After this visit, she went to the orthopedic doctor for a cortisone injection in her neck because of all the years of inflammation [skeptics may say that the inflammation was a side effect of doing it too fast].  Well, Deanna is very happy that I did it fast because she never came back for this chronic pain problem. She has now “chosen’ me (a pediatrician) to be her and her husband’s primary care physician (PCP) for her other medical issues.

Kathy has had multiple falls on the tailbone and was in a bad car accident 20 years previously (the accident was so bad, it broke her husbands sternum). I first treated the left leg and suddenly it occurred to me to video the treatment on the right leg. Note how that right leg thunks down on the table. Note also the opposite (left) hip and abs. She is recruiting abdominal muscles to counterbalance the heaviness and trying to control it in bringing down the leg.

Two weeks later, she has better control and does not thunk those legs down. Note that she is not as actively engaging those abdominal muscles inappropriately. Now watch the video with her reflexes. In that one car accident, the right leg was slammed and jambed under the dash.

Patients with heavy legs from multiple pelvic traumas will also have not so good reflexes. This right leg was slammed and jammed under the dash. Not only did the leg experience a sudden deceleration but thereafter suffered a massive compressive load. All the muscles of the leg, hip and pelvis on the right are chronically engaged so that the first 12 whacks they were unable to respond to a spinal reflex. With enough whacks, some muscles were ‘distracted’ and then disengaged and then were able to mildly respond on the 13th whack. But watch how “heavy” and “weighed down” that leg is.

One hour later, after treatment disengaged all the spasming muscles, they are free to respond to the reflex; so the inmates were just released and now they are going crazy. One week later, the reflexes normalize. For the purpose of saving space here on this page, if you want to see the normalized reflexes, go to my DOCTORHOANG YouTube channel.

This is a very common abnormal breathing pattern. The chest wall barely moves because it can’t from multiple traumas – too many to discuss here. The “belly breathing” can be inherently abnormal from the chest wall tension. It can also be induced from intentionally and inappropriately trying to engage the diaphragm in a meditative ‘belly breath.”

Forty minutes later after freeing up his chest wall, Andre can more evenly distribute the work of breathing.

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