What Are Prolotherapy Procedures? | Dr. Hoang

Prolotherapy is a holistic method of treatment that aims at stimulating the healing processes naturally by injection therapy. The history of this therapy dates back to early 1900s. The working principle of prolotherapy is simple and involves, administration of injection at the target site to elicit an inflammatory response at the tissue level. However, the magnitudes of inflammation is very small, low-grade and temporary. As part of the inflammatory process, fibroblasts begin to grow at the target site to synthesize and deposit collagen; thus, strengthening the connective tissue matrix.

Various histological and biopsy-related studies have provided evidence that prolotherapy potentiates and facilitates the remodeling of connective tissues thus improving the strength of ligaments, tendons, and musculature.


Prolotherapy is usually employed for connective tissue conditions (or injuries) that are older than 8 weeks and are still unresolved. It is a more desirable solution for long-term healing of weak and vulnerable tissues and is far more superior to cortisone or steroid injections that offers a temporary pain relief but usually worsens the tissue remodeling process significantly.

When the procedure is carried out by a trained and experienced physician, the success rate of the procedure can be as high as 80-90%. These success rates are usually available on the basis of anecdotal evidence provided by the first-hand experience of the physicians.

Based on anecdotal evidence, there is ample evidence that prolotherapy can address a number of health issues; such as:

  1. Resolution of neck and back pain
  2. Reduces the risk of injury to the target site
  3. Enhance the overall sense of well-being
  4. Improves the strength and stability of joint capsule, ligaments, tendons and other connective tissue elements

Given below are the factors that optimize the success rate of the procedure:

  1. Optimal diagnosis of the site of strain and sprain
  2. Patient’s complete adherence to the treatment, including the follow-ups
  3. Expertise of the involved physician in successfully carrying out the procedure

It is not clearly understood what happens during the injectables procedure as ongoing research is needed. There is also no histological evidence regarding the response of the soft tissues upon being injected with the prolotherapy substance.


Only the physicians who have been extensively trained and experienced in prolotherapy are eligible to carry out the injectable prolotherapy procedures. For best results, only seek help from a registered physician who understands the human anatomy and physiology to deliver helpful results.

There are many organizations in America that offer training sessions and educational programs for the doctors to gain command on prolotherapy for the back pain, these organizations include:

  1. American Association of Orthopaedic Medicine
  2. American Academy of Sclerotherapy

Other organizations that also offer the similar programs and may easily be contacted for any information regarding the prolotherapy procedure include:

  1. American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  2. International Spinal Injection Society

To obtain best results, always consult an expert. Dr. Hoang has extensive experience in dealing with chronic injuries and musculoskeletal defects. Dr. Hoang is a strong believer of using natural treatment protocols to address pain and discomfort. Schedule an appointment today to learn how you can address your complaints without going through additional pain and discomfort.


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