Cranial Osteopathy For Babies

Young babies or infants often cry inconsolably all the time (especially at nights) and parents usually have no clue on how to handle this. I attend a lot of parents at my practice who are tired and fatigued as their babies don’t fall asleep at night and they don’t know how to help their child. In all such cases, I recommend cranial osteopathy for babies.

But before we dig deep in what cranial osteopathy is and how it can help your baby, it is important to understand why some babies cry a lot or experience difficulty in remaining asleep at night. Experts suggests that birth trauma or injuries during child-birth (or injuries that happen inside the maternal womb) often leads to malalignment of connective tissue elements that makes the baby uncomfortable and restless. Other causes of spinal or head misalignment in the babies are:

Cranial osteopathy for babies – how it improves sleep in babies?

Cranial osteopathy refers to gentle manipulation of baby’s spine and head to restore natural alignment. There is minimal discomfort or risk of complications as skull bones of the baby doesn’t fuse until infancy. Therefore, minor alterations that occur as part of the childbirth injury can be fixed before the bones fuses.

Your osteopathic doctor gently mobilizes the head, spine and limbs of the baby to improve circulation of blood across the tissues and minimize the risk of any long-term complications that are often seen in the setting of birth trauma.

Here are some conditions in which osteopathic treatments can do wonders:

It is imperative to mention that cranial osteopathy is not a magical wand. Osteopathic practitioners identify and fix all the ailments and issues that your little baby suffers from, but can’t tell you.

So, if you feel that your little angel is always restless and uncomfortable, it might be worth to visit a registered osteopathic doctor to see if holistic treatment methods can address your concerns. Cranial osteopathy for babies is widely accepted and you’ll see why when you get more sleep at night!



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