Can Osteopathy Help With Insomnia?

Insomnia or difficulty in falling asleep (and remaining asleep through the night) is a fairly common problem. Unfortunately, most people overlook their sleep disorders especially chronic insomnia; by attributing it to stress, lifestyle choices or other logical/ illogical explanations.

Latest research explains that chronic insomnia is an underlying symptom of more serious health issues and should be addressed to minimize the risk of a variety of complications. For example, a new study explains that poorly managed insomnia can lead to premature onset of aging, mental health issues such as anxiety, depression; increased risk of developing stroke and heart diseases to list a few.

How can osteopathy help you in sleeping better?

Osteopathic medicine offers help in a number of ways

  1. Osteopathic manipulation: Gentle manipulation and mobilization of your soft tissues as well as connective tissue musculature helps in releasing tension and stress that makes it harder to sleep. Concurrently, it improves the flow of blood across your musculature and hasten healing. These factors alone help in improving your rhythm and quality of sleep. In addition, osteopathy also helps in identifying and addressing the core cause of insomnia or sleep difficulty such as chronic back pain or musculoskeletal issues, stress, anxiety etc.
  2. Dietary modification: Osteopathic practitioners focus on all aspects of your physical health, and aims at improving the overall sense of well-being. This includes dietary modification to detect and eliminate all the sources of nutrition that are affecting your sleep such as stimulants, foods that keeps you awake or disturbed at night or irritates your gut
  3. Gentle massaging of neck, head and abdomen: Soft massaging of neck, shoulders, head and abdominal region restores tissue alignment and soothes the overstimulated nerves and connective tissue framework.
  4. Resolves liver and digestives issues: Osteopathic treatments resolves liver and digestive issues to restore optimal hormonal balance. It also helps in addressing symptoms of digestive disorders such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and other gut related conditions. Once endocrinological balance is restored, your sleep quality improves significantly

If you are tired of popping sleeping pills and trying sleep aid remedies, schedule an appointment with osteopathic practitioner. In my clinical practice, I have seen great results with just a few sessions of osteopathic manipulations.

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