10 Holistic Ways to Treat Neck Pain (Cervicalgia)

Cervicalgia or neck pain is not always considered a serious problem and can be taken care of through certain modifications in the lifestyle. But is it really that simple? No. But here are 10 holistic ways to treat neck pain recommended by Dr.Hoang.

According to latest estimates, the overall prevalence of neck pain in the general population is anywhere between 10.4 and 21.3%. It is no surprise that the risk is much higher is a sedentary office worker and computer programmers.


  1. Headache
  2. Difficulty in moving the head
  3. Neck muscle spasm or tightness
  4. Excruciating neck pain when the head stays in one spot for long hours



1 – Relaxing:

It may seem less likely but relaxing can really help in managing acute neck pain due to spasm or injury. Being involved in a lot of activities throughout the day can exacerbate the pain. The best thing to do is to keep away from activities that are strenuous and involve weight lifting, hiking, running and related exercises.

2 – Cold therapy:

Application of cold compress or ice pack can alleviate both the inflammation and pain in the affected area. The ice pack should not be placed over the neck for more than 20 minutes each day. In case of diseases like diabetes the application time should be reduced to half. One of the simplest holistic ways to treat neck pain.

4- Warm therapy: 

Heat therapy can be used an alternative with cold compresses. The application time is usually the same and must be reduced to half in case circulatory diseases.

5 – Over the counter medicines:

There are several OTC medications that can be used to relieve the neck pain such as ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and acetaminophen.

6 – Stretching:

Stretching may also relieve the soreness and minimize the risk of neck immobility however it should be done after a warm shower or application of warm compress.

It is highly recommended to speak to a trained professional to minimize the risk of worsening an acute injury. Performing stretching exercises under supervision for even a few minutes can strengthen neck musculature, promotes circulation to head and neck region and minimize the risk of recurrent episodes of neck pain.

7 – Avoid long hours of inactivity:

Still positions may aggravate the neck pain. If your job or lifestyle involves long hours of inactivity, develop a habit of moving your neck after every thirty minutes and regularly switching between the standing and sitting position can also help solve the problem.

8 – Working on the posture:

Slouching and slumping can worsen the neck pain. Maintaining a good posture can combat such complaints. While sitting it is recommended not to cross the legs, knees must be kept below the hips, and the chair must adequately provide comfort to the back. While standing the balls of the feet must equally bear the total body weight with the arms hanging on either side.

9 – Massage therapy:

Sometimes massage therapy can do wonders for people with cervicalgia. It involves gentle manipulation of the tissues and muscles to mobilize stiff muscles and reduce inflammation by facilitating the flow of blood to stiff muscles.

10 – Use of neck pillow:

Based on anecdotal evidence, sleeping with neck pillow can help alleviate the pain up to some extent. There are different types of neck pillows available in the market, each offering comfort and relief.

Whether you are suffering from chronic neck pain or an acute episode of neck spasm, it is highly recommended to see an expert like Dr. Hoang, who can not only address the core issue but can also pinpoint inciting factors so you can live a healthier life. Hope you can make use of these holistic ways to treat neck pain!


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