What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is the precise reduction of traumatic vectors of injury for any pain or “disease” that is the endpoint of years of physical strains.  Every unhealthful condition has a basis in mechanical derangement.  Basically, what was done to the body must be undone for it to function at its optimum.


Common Questions About Osteopathy

crucial osteopathyMany have asked.  Even my best patients, having been saved by osteopathy after multiple conventional failures, have difficulty expressing this experience. One patient, Grace, tells me, “I just tell people, ‘She puts her hands on you here, here, here and here; and you are all better.’” After 14 years treating patients with all manner of health issues like Grace who came to me for her asthma to migraines (Migraine | Conventional Medications), back pain, knee pain, herniated discs, and sciatica (Sciatica Wiki Page).  Wherever the body hurts or does not function well enough to require medications, there usually is a structural rhyme and reason.  If we think of the human body as a car and over the years it gets dinged up in mild fender benders, who undings the chasis?  For real cars, there are specialized collision centers that salvage these cars.  For the human body, there is Osteopathy. Two more analogies might help.

When a patient breaks a bone, there is only one way to reset that bone.  The orthopedic surgeon takes it back, or they “snap” it back the way it came.  Resetting it any other way can be done but it would be wrong and you would see the results.  Ever see anybody with a crooked nose? Well, they broke it and it was never set right.  Later, they have problems with breathing through their nose, diagnosed as a “deviated septum.”  Plastic surgeons would have to re-break it to reset it.  A smart boxing coach, when he sees that his guy took a left hook, ignores the blood, grabs the nose, and yanks it back to the right.  Because the coach reacts immediately and with some finesse, the nose has a good chance of healing just right.


Serious Cases That Require Osteopathy

A more perilous situation is that of a patient undergoing brain surgery to remove a bullet.  The traumatic vector is the trajectory of the bullet as it enters the brain.  The surgeon does not dig another hole to try to get the bullet out.  The surgeon has to go in, trace and follow the path of the bullet.   He or she has to grab that bullet then gently and slowly pull it back out the way it came without touching any other vital structures.  Just being a hair off could have consequences.


History & Causes for Osteopathy

Osteopathy ImageLet’s take Grace as a learning case, an introduction to Osteopathy.  Grace lives in Orange County.  She heard about me from the family owners of a restaurant she frequents in Los Angeles.  She makes the drive and asks me to treat her and see if there was anything I could do for her asthma.  She has had asthma for 20 years.  She has been on Advair, a combination steroid and bronchodilator, on and off for 10 years. All her life, she searched for answers.  She used chiropractic on and off for 20 years.  When she was a 3 month old infant, she torpedoed from her infant seat (back then the rules were different for infant safety and restraint). Her head (Holistic Pain Management for Head Conditions) rammed into the dashboard.  This is her traumatic vector of injury that made her the way she is and how she functions later as an “asthmatic.”  How is this related?  As an infant, the length of her body would be about the length of your hand and forearm.  The trauma shocked her whole body.  As she grew up and elongated her form, her tissues could not grow out of that shock.  Her head and chest were “locked down.”  Chiropractic added more vectors. Recently, she was in a rear end collision.  When she comes in, she describes her neck and chest as tight, the asthma “flaring up,” the head as congested.  I first undo the most recent injury, the car accident.  Then I undo the years of chiropractic work on her back (Holistic Pain Management for The Back).  She gets immediate relief.

Osteopathy for backOsteopathy Overview

This is a quick explanation of how Osteopathy mechanically treats causes of disease and pain by reducing traumatically acquired vectors of injury and results in instantaneous relief for that treatment.  In future blog posts, I will talk about how unloading the traumatic force (Migraines | Traumatic Causes) of an injury and how patients can tell they are getting better and how this eventually leads to cure for some conditions and near cure for others.


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