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Holistic Pain Management For Head Condition Photos



Rita came to me for ocular migraines. Her right jaw is pulled up so tight, the whole face looks caved in. There was very little room for her eyeball. Pressure increases and she has a headache around the eyes. She has had multiple dental procedures. One week later, her face and jawline expands closer to where it was prior to all the dental work




At nine months, a cold iron fell on the right top of Ava’s head. She had such spectacular change after 40 minutes that reflect children’s capacity for recovery.  She needed 12 cranial osteopathic treatments. She is also doing vision therapy.




Head pressures can cause tension around the tissues of the eye.  Focus is poor and beyond their control.  They can become locked within themselves and autistic. Rachel has multiple other issues.  Each treatment results in lessening of the tensions around the eyes. Note the change in her ability to focus.




Charlotte had 3 hour screaming fits.  The family was sent away from the ER twice with a diagnosis of colic and told that she would outgrow it, that there is nothing that can be done. Forty minutes later, she is calmer. Her head is much rounder and less cone-headed. She needed a total of four treatments.




Kaitlyn was molded through the birth process. She is not fussy. She only needed this one visit.



head-trauma-holistic-remedyAs soon as Ricky got up from his treatment his mom noted, “Wow, even his face has changed.”  I did not anticipate such dramatic change that I did not take a before picture. Fortunately, his mom took this picture of him 1 week prior. Note his triangular, elfish chin.  As an infant, he fell off the bed several times.  She brought him in for chronic constipation, which resolved after 4 treatments. On this visit, 8-9 months later, he had some leg pain, requiring just this one treatment.


Holistic Pain Management For Heavy Leg Syndrome Condition Photos



Sometimes it is in the knee.  Rod had knee surgery in the past for a tear.  He thinks he is doing fairly well. We can always find room to improve. From the change, we see that the tissues around the knee are swollen.




Sometimes the cause is even lower. Kristine fractured her foot at six years of age.  The leg is apparently shorter.  Most doctors would surmise that the injured limb is permanently shorter because the bone failed to grow at a normal rate. It only looks shorter because of the angulation.  Correct the spasms and the tensions balance themselves. She needed 2 visits.



Karla took this picture shortly after her left leg started buckling, causing her to fall several times. Yes, something ain’t right with that knee. Eight visits later, she can walk without falling.  She cancelled her motorized scooter order.  I made her give up her arch supports and she has no pain.




Sometimes, pelvic causation is reflected downstream. It speaks for itself.




Mike’s finger that he broke when he was 7 years old left him unable to open a jar for 33 years. Five minutes later, balancing the tensions allow the injured finger to relax.

 Holistic Pain Management For Osteopathic Weight Loss Photos



Kit had 3 children and 1 miscarriage over 7 years.  When she came to me, she was always exhausted. Even though her diet was strict, eating salads all day, she did not lose any weight. Her thyroid was normal but she was always cold and tired. In one month she was able to slim down without exercising. She had more energy and was able to carry her oldest child all around Sea World.



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