Osteopathic Weight Loss

This is a new service I am offering.  I have been testing it out for the last 3 months and I am seeing great exciting results.  In fact the changes in the muscles and tissues are… instantaneous.  It has worked out for patients who lost some weight, but then they hit a plateau.  It has worked for seniors up to 83 years old (my dad and others).  It has worked for women who have had weight gain from pregnancies from (20-30) years ago.  It is completely different from what I do for my chronic pain patients.

Cause & Effects of Weight Gain

Weight gain is a repetitive stress injury. It is slow and insidious.  It changes the metabolism, the hormones, the mechanical efficiency of the body and the muscles themselves.

Addressing Weight Gain With Osteopathic Weight Loss Holistic Treatment

If you are on the pathway to health, if you and your doctor agree that you need to change your life, if you have started to try…and things are going really, really slow…and you want a boost and an advantage to make those workouts more effective…then I can help you get there faster.

Osteopathic Weight Loss Treatment & Results

You will see results immediately in the same visit.  Your arms, legs and whole body will at least 20% lighter (most patients feel 50% lighter) by the time you leave my office.  Depending on what other medical problems you have you will continue to feel lighter between 2-5 days.  With each subsequent visit, you will feel more “taken in” underneath and at the level of the muscles (I suspect that I am changing muscle length and subsequently their metabolism).

I will exhaust myself treating you, while you do very little straining and no cardiovascular. First treatment is mildly uncomfortable, but you will see the difference the same day and notice other subtle changes the next day. I charge $500 each and every visit to compensate me for my pain and exhaustion.

Guaranteed Results With Osteopathic Weight Loss or You Don’t Pay a Dime

I am so confident of the results that I will guarantee the visit.  If you do not want to come back, you leave the office without paying.  If you want to come back, usually bang for your buck comes on the second and third visit when I do two other things that hold your results longer and offer more permanence (if you already have the diet and lifestyle changes underway).  After your third visit, you should not have to come back as frequently.  You will walk away with only 1/3 of my secret recipe, but when you try it at home on yourself, it doesn’t work (patients have tried).  Come in and try it. You have nothing to lose and will gain your life back quicker.  Soon, I hope to have photos and videos.

This technique has had a 100% success rate.  I have not failed. The guarantee is immediate Lightness of Being.  You will be mechanically efficient and your arms, legs and whole body will be lighter.

Treated Patients:

Kit – Constantly Cold & Exhausted, Osteopathic Weight Loss Holistic Treatment


Kit had 3 children and 1 miscarriage over 7 years.  When she came to me, she was always exhausted. Even though her diet was strict, eating salads all day, she did not lose any weight. Her thyroid was normal but she was always cold and tired.


In one month she was able to slim down without exercising. She had more energy and was able to carry her oldest child all around Sea World. 




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