Holistic Pain Management for Neck Conditions

Holistic Neck Treatment

This is a very delicate, sensitive area.  Lots of blood vessels, nerves and muscles connecting everything to service the head above and chest below.

Problems & Only Temporary Fixes to Address Neck Conditions – Not Using Holistic Remedies

I find that a lot of people can cause injury to themselves in trying to find a cure for what ails them here, so they dig, they rub, they crack or allow others to do so, all in an attempt to get relief.  Of course, all the imprecise work is only temporary and a week later, you are back with the same problem.

The neck is fairly unprotected and is a major area of injury.  Neck injuries are mostly hyper-extension injuries. Below are some photos of the before and after affects of Holistic Neck Remedies.

Treated Patients:

Ken – Incubation From General Anesthesia Neck Holistic Treatment

Holistic Neck Treatment Image

Ken had a hernia surgery when he was one year old.  This is the reawakening of the muscle memory of intubation from general anesthesia. With the mouth open, he is subconsciously still intubated.

Holistic Neck Treatment Image

One hour later, these neck muscles are able to relax somewhat.  He has multiple other complicated medical problems, but even in the ‘relaxed’ state, we should not be seeing those other neck muscles. 

Keira – Massive Neck Spasm Neck Holistic Treatment



Keira had a massive neck spasm the size of a tennis ball on her right neck.  She was so distressed she asked her mommy to find her help :(




 Four visits later her head and neck tensions are fairly balanced with OMT.. 


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