Five Things To Do When You Have A Headache

Five Things To Do When You Have A Headache Image

Five Things To Do When You Have A Headache

Headaches are disabling, annoying but very common in the general population.  Although some simple lifestyle modifications can help in reducing the severity and frequency of recurrence, but what can you do if despite all your cautions, you suffer from recurring headache episodes?

Most people look for quick fixes and opt for over-the-counter pharmacological options such as Tylenol. But it is no surprise that long term intake of these drugs is associated with varying degree of side-effects and complications such as heart-burn, dyspepsia, stomach ulcers etc.

What Can You Do If You Are Having Headache?

It is highly recommended to see an expert if you are experiencing recurrent episodes of severe headaches. This becomes even more important if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

Simple Remedies To Alleviate An Acute Episode Of Headache

For mild to moderate episodes of headache, simple remedies can help in reducing the intensity of pain and shorten the duration of an ongoing episode.

It is important to understand that recurring and severe episodes of headaches that are associated with other disturbing symptoms should not be taken lightly. Speak to an expert and get help as soon as possible.


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