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Pain is the body’s signal that something is wrong. Often it arises from tensions throughout the body that have been traumatically acquired and accumulated over time. Trauma, old, past, high velocity or repetitive, over time, strains and ages the body so that it can no longer compensate.  Pain is the end result.

Dr. Hoang:

I am a pediatrician by training. I have a general pediatric office in Arcadia.  I have been studying traditional osteopathy for the last 14 years.  I find it so rewarding in that my patients and I are invested in one goal: to get better without medications so as to not need anyone or anything. 

I  hope you find these pages and the treatment photos inspiring.  As long as the body has breath, it wants to recover.  It is a puzzle and a mystery as to how to get there. If you are still searching, I would like help you find your answers.

– LeTrinh Hoang, D.O.

Dr Letrinh Hoang Photo


Conditions Dr. Hoang Treats:



TMJ, Clenching and Grinding Teeth


Neck Pain

Whiplash Injuries


Chronic Ankle Sprains

Pronated Rolled Ankles

Heavy Legs Syndrome


Car Accidents

Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


Back Pain

Sacroiliac Joint Problems

Spinal Stenosis


Herniated Discs



What is Osteopathy | Holistic Pain Management?

Osteopathic Manipulative Hands On musculoskeletal treatment is gentle reading of the tensions in the body to precisely reduce traumatic strain.  It is a scientific philosophy of medicine wherein the immutable laws of physics are applied and adapted by a homeodynamic living biologic system. 

Recent from the Photo Gallery:

crucial osteopathy


extreme Osteopathy

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Happy, Treated Patients:

Head Deformity:


Daniela is a twin who was wedged upside down in the womb. Her brother sat on her buttocks in the breach position.  She was formed this way in early development. 

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Mary has migraines.  Note her left jawline pulled up tight.  In 10 minutes the jaw is easily corrected.  She needed me to address her neck and low back pain afterwards.

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Megan has a mild scoliosis.  Please note(in her picture) the right hip, pulled up a little high.  Forty minutes later.  She only needed this one visit.

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